About Eighteen Sound

Eighteen Sound is a leading designer and manufacturer of high quality professional audio loudspeakers, with the most advanced development and manufacturing technologies in the world, and located in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

The Eighteen Sound R&D and Engineering Teams’ unparalleled experience in professional transducer design is manifest in the exceptional products created at the home offices and manufacturing center. Relocated in 2013, this facility is comprised of two cone transducer and one HF compression driver Production lines, with proprietarily designed robotic and state-of-the-art computer networked segments, interlaced with hands-on, constant inspection and detailing. The final end-of-the-line Quality Control is an exercise in ‘white glove’ inspection, in tandem with piece by piece automated testing and documentation, allowing for each unit to have an end of line, retrievable set of data. With individual bar code signatures on each driver, our database can provide you with ‘birth certificate’ datasets of your unit.

We are constantly developing innovative and reliable components for many major pro-audio speaker brands, and we distribute our products worldwide through our extensive 18 Sound Distribution Network.