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LF Transducers - Neodymium

The concept of our neodymium LF transducers range represents the evolution of a technical dream: to house in a high-tech structure a very consistent "performance to weight" ratio, reducing speaker weight significantly when compared to equivalent ferrite models. The external magnet configuration neodymium magnet assembly assures high flux concentration, low power compression and excellent heat exchange, being considerably more efficient than the traditional under-pole magnet topology.

These features allow to obtain high values of force factor and power handling.

LF Transducers - Ferrite

The design of our ferrite LF cone transducers range is the fulfillment of an extensive R&D program. Our products provide clean, undistorted low frequency reproduction at very high sound pressure and are able to withstand high power levels without damage.

Proprietary design of all single components makes every Eighteen Sound transducer an unique mechanical masterpiece.

HF Drivers - Neodymium

Low weight and reduced size represent a clear advantage in today's professional sound reinforcement systems. Our neodymium compression drivers magnet assemblies have been designed to obtain maximum flux in the gap for providing better control over the moving mass and high-quality, smooth response. All diaphgrams have been developed to assure unmatched transient response.

You will find a perfect match for our compression driver range using Eighteen Sound unique elliptical shaped constant coverage horns family.

HF Drivers - Ferrite

Our ferrite motor high frequency compression drivers have been developed paying particular attention to the magnet structure design, which combines compact size with very high flux achievements. You will find a perfect match for our compression driver range using Eighteen Sound unique elliptical shaped constant coverage horns family.


Eighteen Sound is highly respected for its Coaxial components, and the innovation and quality they deliver.

Coaxial products provide compact, powerful, single-point source audio generation.

They are desired and required in some of the most challenging products and settings and by their nature, they must deliver full range, accurate audio reproduction. Eighteen Sound delivers on all counts, by design.


Our Constant Directivity High Frequency Horns family has been designed to mantain precise control over dispersion as shown on the polar directivity maps.

This coverage angle is ideal for short and medium throw speaker systems, providing excellent pattern control and extended frequency response also in off-axis conditions.

Our prior design criteria are directionality (precise control of dispersion over a wide range of frequencies) and optimum driver loading (obtained through the perfect match between driver and horn acoustic impedance).

Line Array Sources

Our Line Array waveguides reflects the need of high quality devices for multiple point source sound reinforcement systems.

The exclusive transmission line like acoustical design minimizes internal reflections and acoustical losses. One key element of all our waveguides is the compact size that permits a high arrayability.


Consistent with the Eighteen Sound philosophy of providing the highest quality companion products to our hand-built transducer components, we provide the crossover circuits for several of our coaxial loudspeakers.

The design and circuitry in these crossovers, optimizes the performance and behavior of the loudspeaker, particularly through the crossover band region.

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