Repeatability and fulfillment of Design in every Production unit, is our goal and our daily task.

To achieve this mission, each Production Line is equipped with proprietary robotic equipment that precisely performs the most exacting tasks such as applying adhesives in exacting amounts and accurately moving and tempering parts and components, while highly skilled assembly technicians handle the essential human interface segments that define the perfect collaboration in assembly, that is the hallmark of Eighteen Sound products.

Quality Control is instituted at every stage of the manufacturing process, whether by automation and software, or close visual and tactile review. In the first stage of manufacturing, the raw materials are sourced only from providers with impeccable credential and documentation. Throughout the production process, each stage is equipped with automation and QC workstations to ensure accuracy, and validation of test criteria and design.

Later, each unit is assigned a serial number that follows it through production and end-of-line testing, right into your hands and into your enclosure. That number, serialized into the attached bar code, is represented in our database in Italy with the exact testing data that the unit performed in its final ‘birthing’ tests. That is the dedication that Eighteen Sound exercises and presents to you with every speaker and driver it manufacture.

Legendary Italian Design, precision and repeatability in manufacturing are the key fundamentals at Eighteen Sound.

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