Our primary goal is to provide our Customers with the highest quality products.

To this end, Eighteen Sound guarantees the Quality of the raw materials, Products in-process in Production, and the final Product through our rigorous testing and inspection. It is through this extensive testing discipline that we guarantee each of our Products will perform to our high standards.

Eighteen Sound products are guaranteed for 24 months. You can find further information in the Warranty description, which you can download here.

If you are an End User, please contact your Distributor for repair or replacement under the terms of the Warranty.

If you are a Distributor or an OEM Customer, please access your Terms and Conditions through your Portal here, for maintenance and repair procedures.

Dowload Warranty

Download cone recone procedures
How to recone an 18sound cone driver

Download diaphragm replacement procedures
How to recone an 18sound driver diaphragm