One of the goals of this website is to allow our Pro Audio Customers, as well as all audio enthusiasts, to understand more about the innovative techniques Eighteen Sound engineers employ daily to fulfill the challenging requests from the Pro Audio community for high quality, reliable and powerful audio transducers.

The fulfillment of our Customers’ needs is fundamental in Eighteen Sound’s philosophy. Eighteen Sound’s Research & Development Department cooperates daily with top Pro Audio O.E.M. customers. The recognition of their needs, as well as an open-minded approach to the customer, helps us to identify even the most demanding professional audio market requirements. We believe that this philosophy allows Eighteen Sound’s products to always satisfy the most rigorous and challenging expectations in audio reproduction.

Frequently we forget how many cutting edge technologies are embedded in a woofer or a compression driver, but it is important to remember how many different fields of science a transducer development process involves. All of these disciplines, and more, are exercised every day to achieve every audio professional’s dream: perfect sound reproduction. You can have a look at how we have designed our waveguides here.

Please enjoy looking through this Technology section, as we hope you will learn more about our committed approach toward loudspeaker performance and audio reproduction.